Copy for Affinity Digital website, April 2015 [original article]

The Agile project management system is based upon continuous developer and stakeholder input alongside regular live feedback which allows for improvements to be made at every stage of the process.

Designers and developers at Affinity need to react quickly and without hindrance to changing circumstances and client needs. Agile is a highly flexible system that allows for rapid, non-linear changes to a live project whilst keeping it firmly on deadline. Fast reaction times are built into the DNA of our business, and client input is always an important and continuing part of this cycle.

Affinity’s design, development and coding teams work together in one coherent unit and always together with our clients. Thus they can adapt quickly and provide solutions to problems (sometimes even before they arise!). If your needs change or a new technology arrives that can do the task better, we can change course in an instant without losing time or work.

With the Agile project management system, our multi-disciplinary groups can focus on just you and the product, with you as part of the working team. The process is transparent and open, and gives everybody have flexibility to adapt and evolve as we move forward.

Should you prefer, Affinity is also able to deploy waterfall methodologies to manage your project such as PRINCE2®, PMP® & PMI® or a mix of both.

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